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Medical Spa NYC for Microdermabrasion


How it works and the cost of the service

Microdermabrasion is a medic-spa technique that is non-surgical and works to resurface the skin. Microdermabrasion peeling is performed with medical level mineral crystals or a diamond tip which brushes the skin surface with the help of a very gentle vacuum. This activity evacuates dead and harmed cells from the surface of the skin. By wiping out these surface cells using Microdermabrasion, the skin becomes very delicate and supple while initiating the recovery and growth of fresh skin cells.  Microdermabrasion is joined with a full facial that incorporates a mask, treatment creams, extractions and high frequency where necessary. We just use FDA affirmed Microdermabrasion frameworks that have been documented so as to viably minimize the presence of:

Ø Scars

Ø Fine linesmicrodermabrasion

Ø Hyperpigmentation

Ø Blemishes

Ø Congested and dull skin

Ø Sun damaged skin

Ø Enlargened pores

Ø Textural damaged skin

Ø Uneven skin tone

Cost of Microdermabrasion

Most of these med-spa services are offered at a price of just $35 (registration is $175) or $99 for three (registration is $525). Get yourself a hydrafacial hydrodermabrasion for just $89($180).

After microdermabrasion treatments, the skin could immediately begin to feel tight. A few people encounter light chipping of the skin, hence, it is paramount to strictly use a decent cream as exhorted by our skin advisors and therapists.Otherwise, there are negligible reactions, which is the reason for which microdermabrasion is regularly called “the lunch-time” procedure.

Depending on the state of your skin, our skin advisors may recommend various medicines and/or the combination of Microdermabrasion together with Photo Rejuvenation , Chemical peels, and Laser Facial medications for ideal results. Microdermabrasion facials are normally kept at 2-3 week period and maintenance medications are typically performed every month. Microdermabrasion medicines are normally pretty 45 minutes long.

For microdermabrasion prices or frequently asked questions for microdermabrasion, click on the links below. Call us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have over the phone as well.

Before starting microdermabrasion medications , we urge all customers to visit us for a complimentary skin counsel. At this point we will examine your skin and give recommendations in terms of the best treatment for you with focus around your skin’s requirements and your particular objectives for your own skin. Call our medical spa today and we will happily address any inquiries you may have via the phone too.


Vi Peel Medical Spa NYC

Vi Peel

What is it?

You have most probably heard of this term. It is a medical spa product with ingredients that help restore the look, beauty and texture of your skin. It is the best and finest peel that you can ever lay your hands on today! It comes with a blend of several ingredients that offer powerful results without pain at all, very minimal downtime and no need for skin preparation like several other known products.

· Vi Peel improves the clarity, texture and tone of your skin.Vi peel

· It eliminates and reduces any instances of tinic keratoses, freckles, melasma, age spots and hyper-pigmentation,

· Softens wrinkles and lines.

· Clears acne skin problems, reduces and eliminates any acne scars

· Stimulates production of the collagen element for more youthful and firmer skin.

Out of date peels belonging to the past, without exemption, exemplify the “no ache, no gain” methodology to healthy skin. Before this Vi Precision Peel, the peels were deeper and very painful to endure, more downtime, yet the results amazingly turned out to be great! The Vi Precision Peel is the new and first of the Next Generation Esthetic. It is easy to use and painless with noticeable results in few days of use. The downtime is also very little when using VI Peel. This is why our medic-spa recommends its use.

The peel is used on the neck and face. Throughout the application of this peel, you may endure a slight stinging feeling or a tingling sensation which usually lasts for about 5 seconds. This peel will numb the skin when you first use it. However, exceptionally cool air is steered at the treatment area for extra comfort. At the point when the peel is finished, the treated region is rinsed and soothed. Then a protective product is applied. Your skin may appear slightly red or tan immediately after the peel procedure is complete. On the first few days, the skin feels somewhat tight and any of the pigmented regions may appear a bit darker. On the third day, the process of peeling should begin. The primary indications of peeling generally start around the mouth region. However the whole treated region will rapidly follow suit.

At our med-spa, examine your skin and give recommendations in terms of the best treatment for you with focus around your skin’s requirements and your particular objectives for your own skin. Call us today and we will happily address any skin concerns that you may be having. We will be glad to hear from you.


Collagen induction by medical micro-needling-Is it any better than O.TC ?

Collagen Induction

Collagen Induction or micro-needling is a procedure by medic-spa experts that involves a natural response of the body to healing. It is used to help increase the levels of extracellular matrix like elastin and collagen found in the skin. These micro-channels allow for blood leakage, lymph and serum in a temporary and controlled and temporary way. The “micro-injuries” help initiate and improve the process of wound healing cascade that ideally comprises of three fundamental phases.

Collagen induction1. Controlled Micro-Injuries

2. Proliferation: This can be likened to the Repair Mode which is an inflow of extracellular matrix and growth factors like collagen and elastin. After needling, these two work to seal the region and areas filled.

3. Remodeling: At this point, there has been replacement of the wound with a new and fresh dermal tissue and also the already created vasculature is already matured. The collagen found in the already formed and mature tissue is afterwards replaced with stronger tissue contracts and collagen in order to cause a tightening and repaired effect to the skin.

There are way several O.T.C products and items that are nowadays sold in pharmacies and in the markets. Their success rate is way low when compared to collagen. Most people, even doctors, are very skeptical about the O.T.C. products like creams that claim to work on wrinkles. Ideally, when anything works a true biological activity, it is usually regulated as medicine. Most med-spa companies prefer collages to O.T.C products. These often try to focus on the line between the side effects and impacts. However most of these O.T.C products allow the concentration to go low hence no real benefit. Creams bought over-the-counter are certainly not going to what collagen injection is bound to do. It IS however recommended that you find your doctor before you begin using these so that he/she can help suggest what will work in your particular case.

Nowadays, there exist varieties of collagen fillers out there that help deal with scars, add volume to improve facial looks and deal with aging signs. It is needless to say that we all wish to have and maintain our young and glowing looks just like youths. The trick is this-Collagen injections are going to work out this one for you. It is the best way to help rejuvenate your aging or sun-damaged skin.

Call Now Botox NYC

We urge all customers to visit us at our medical spa for a complimentary skin counsel. At this point we will examine your skin and give recommendations in terms of the best treatment for you with focus around your skin’s requirements and your particular objectives for your own skin. Call us today and we will happily address any inquiries you may have via the phone too.

Kona Photo Facial NYC

Photo Facial by Kona

How they carry out their facial treatment

Our extremely extraordinary medic-spa facial medications are intended to pamper your skin, get you a peace of mind and restore your lost psyche, and restore your soul. Find an esthetician to help you examine your skin, listen to your skin health concerns, and help you select the perfect treatment for your specific requirements. Your skin will feel revitalized and feel nourished. Every spa treatment for the face area is a top-down experience with warm botties for pampering your feet, neck and hand massage and warm mittens. The esthetician will give you a recommended skin regime that you will have to adhere to whilst at home or on vacation.

Photo FacialAs we perceive the indications of aging and maturity – another wrinkle, or maybe skin composition changes, our skin require very special attention meant to rejuvenate and revive its appearance. This oxygenizing facial brings forth exceedingly powerful serums and supplement rich formulas to firm and reduce the skin lines.

Perfect for skin hinting signs of travel related anxiety and dehydration. Shedding, application of a custom cover and perfect moisturizing will enhance the look of your skin allowing you to feel more youthful and revived with this deep purifying spa facial.

This extraordinary med-spa treatment starts with calming warm towel clamps. These are then followed by a shedding as well as a fitting mask for your specific skin type. Your back-facial treatment is then closed with complete moisturizing application of sunscreen and lotion.

It is made to assist fight against exposure to natural elements while playing golf, sporting or even Island surfing. Also, there is a spa for men’s facial concerns that includes shaving aggravation and the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

A deep purifying, dynamic aromatherapy facial for both ladies and men. This facial joins the powerful Kanolin and the premium grade oils. Treatment will thus assist you mitigate your stress and improve oxygenation from skin cells. With this, you are sure to repair and heal any skin type there is out there.

Feel free to call us today for all your skin care concerns. We are proud of our customers because of their continued support in making us NY ‘s best medical spa .

Juviderm Medical Spa NYC

Juviderm injection for facial filler

What it is, how it works and the cost

Juviderm is filler that is injectable into the body. It incorporates hyaluronic acid and natural complex sugars that support skin flexibility, giving it the desired smooth and supple look. Juviderm is biocompatible and adds to the bodies a natural acid-hyaluronic which age usually depletes.Juviderm injection

Juviderm is the overall name for this group of items. Juviderm Ultra is general” filler newly created Juvederm Voluma serves to restore volume to the chins and cheeks. Medical spa treatment areas involve the profoundly deep nasogenian grooves -the folds located between your nose and cheeks as well as nasolabial folds also known as “puppet lines” that emerge between the external mouth corners and the nose. Juviderm is additionally helpful for upgrading the lip volume (regularly in combination with lip lifts).Also, it is used for reshaping contours of the cheeks.

How Does Juviderm Work?

This transparent Juviderm gel is infused using a syringe directly into the mid-to-deep face dermis. The dermis functions as the subsurface skin layer containing connective tissues, oil and sweat glands, nerve endings, and veins.

Our Medical-spa Juviderm enhances your appearance by simply adding and lifting the volume to folds and wrinkles in the treatment region. After approximately 6-9 months, this biocompatible compound is then absorbed naturally into the body.

One benefit of Juviderm is its flexible gel consistency. This gel offers a smoother and natural looks than majority of its otherwise inflexible predecessors. An alternate benefit of Juviderm is the fact that it lasts longer and maintains an enhanced appearance for 6-9 months. The profits may last significantly more in the event that you have follow-up treatments a couple of weeks after the initial treatment.

Cost of Juviderm

Juviderm costs between $800 and $1,300 for every syringe. This also depends on the formula and other factors that complete the equation. At times, another syringe may be required for a completely and satisfactory result. A few practices may offer a lessened rate for the second syringe in these particular cases.

We value our customers hence the need to offer med-spa skin services on a continued basis. Feel free to call us today or schedule an appointment with NY’s top skin care company.


Cutera Titan Procedure. Laser skin tightening NYC

Laser skin tightening Cutera Titan Laser

Why it is the best for your skin care

Cutera Titan ProcedureThis new Cutera® Titan™ offers you with an all-natural alternative for actively turning back the hands of old age that comes with sagging skin. The use of light energy helps in the stimulation of fresh collages development underneath the surface of your skin. This tool helps in tightening the skin on your arms, abdomen, face as well as legs. In fact, it is an ideal way of enhancing your young looks as well as a healthy look and appearance without the necessity to go for surgery in a bid to do away with the flabby skin. Also, with this tool, the recovery period is drastically shortened and there are no injections at all. Get yourself this service from professional medical spa skin care service providers.

How does this Cutera Titan Laser work?

Titan Cutera helps utilize a safe infrared type of light that helps heat dermis region of your skin right below the skin surface. This device causes a heating that can result in immediate contraction of collagen that ultimately results in tightened skin. During this procedure, the epidermis/ skin’s surface becomes protected through a series of cooling. The device that performs this bit is called the Titan handpiece. Once medic-spa experts have completed the procedure, the fresh collagen growth helps the skin to tighten further in light of the improvement of lines, lax skin and folds.

The Titan Difference

This Titan device brings to use light energy since it offers a more uniform energy distribution for the purpose of heating your deep dermis as compared to other energy sources like the RF (radiofrequency).

What areas of the body best respond to this Titan procedure?

It is now evident that most patients have successfully been treated on several areas and parts of the body that has a lax skin. For instance, loose skin found along the jaw line, the abdomen, under the chin, as well as the upper arm. These are known to respond very well particularly well during the procedure.

Who can use the Titan for treatment?

This treatment does not at all have age limits for people who can use it. The fact is that this Titan procedure is all about heating tissue found under the skin surface. Therefore, all patients with varying skin types can easily use it. Women and men of all ages can use the Titan tool. Also, you may want to ask your physician to offer you some information on the use of Titan for your particular case.

We value our customers hence the need to offer med-spa skin services on a continued basis. Feel free to call us today or schedule an appointment with NY’s top skin care company.

Laser hair removal NYC–Preparing

Laser Hair Removal

Instructions to get prepared for Laser Hair Removal

In case you’re not fine with shaving, waxing or tweezing to uproot undesirable hair, a laser hair removal tool can be an option to consider Laser hair removal technique is mostly used amongst the most regularly done cosmetic procedure in the United States. It beams profoundly gathered light into the hair follicles. Then the follicles in hair follicles retain this light. This is what destroys the hair. It is therefore important to seek medi-spa hair removal services today.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not just the process of “destroying” undesirable hair. It is a therapeutic technique that requires preparations to perform. This procedure may come with its own share of risks. So, you get this laser hair removal, you ought to ought to check the accreditations of the specialist or expert performing the procedure.

In the event that you have planned to do this very soon, you ought to cease waxing, plucking as well as electrolysis for a period of six weeks prior to treatment. That is on account of the fact that the laser focuses directly on the hairs’ roots, which are ideally uprooted by plucking and waxing. You ought to also stay away from sun’s rays for up to six weeks before treatment and after. Sun presentation is not recommended because it makes the laser hair removal tool less effective. Additionally, they may cause complications. Medical spa services are all over NY but not all will offer you the best service.

Prior to this procedure, the hair that will be about to undergo treatment will be trimmed to a couple of millimeters just above the surface of the skin. This laser tool will be balanced as indicated by the hair color, thickness, as well as region of your hair during this hair removal procedure.

Depending on the nature of the light source or laser types used, a technical expert as well as you will be required to first wear appropriate covering for the eyes. It will additionally be important to ensure that the external layers of the skin are protected using a special cooling gadget or a cool gel. This will help the laser light to easily infiltrate your skin.

We are very happy to announce we are the first Med-spa in NY to provide top class and cutting edge skin care services using a non-invasive technology for proper skin care. Schedule an appointment with NY’s best med-spa today.Call Best Medical Spa

Cutera Lime Light Laser for Skin Lesions NYC

Lime Light Laser for telangiectasia and pigmented lesions

How they work

This is a non-evasive and new approach that helps treat pigmented lesions and telangiectasia. This device makes use of the Cutera Limelight and is used by majority of medic-spa service providers. The procedure provides the benefits of improving your skin tone as well as surface imperfections that result due to photodamage and the aging process.This Limelight Facial is great for any region of your face.It just works perfectly at any particular spot on your facial skin. It also works best on décolleté with red skin as well as the neck. This device treats brown spots occurring on your skin and also deals with tiny veins better known as telangiectasia. Low contrast or light brown spots, which previously were proved to be hard to resolve, have a very quick response time to treatment. Cutera Lime Light Laser

By choosing between programs A, B or C, you can easily customize the LimeLight Facial according to your specific type of skin and selectively heal the red and/or brown pigmented regions of your skin. The heating impact caused by the pigmented red or brown cells result in a therapeutic effect. Get yourself this service from professional medical spa skin care service providers.

Once the pulses of light are delivered, the patients will then experience stinging sensations and mild pinching during this procedure.You may want to use a gel to help cool the skin prior to vascular treatment. This is recommended so you do not have to worry as to whther or not what you are doing is right. Pain medicine or anesthesia is normally not a requirement here because the pain is actually not even felt to cause worry.

The time taken for this procedure will ultimately depend on the nature of body that is being treated. In spite of this, virtually all the treatments will ideally take an average of less than an hour.1-3 treatments are ideally enough to get you the results. However, your particular skin type may require an additional treatment in cases when your skin is sun-damaged excessively.

As soon as this procedure has been undertaken, you will note some brown spots that begin blackening making your skin to look slightly red. Also, the treated region may look somewhat look swollen. Ideally, this will last for a couple of few hours and in extreme cases, it may last for just a day or longer. For the mean time, you can apply makeup so that the redness is masked.

Our staff will help evaluate your skin condition and therefore recommend the nest mediation for your case. So, feel free to give us a call today for professional med-spa services.

Laser Collagen Remodeling NYC

Yag Laser Collagen Remodeling- The fundamentals of this skin care procedure

The Yag Laser remodeling-What is it?

This device is a remodeling laser that easily and quickly penetrates into any type of skin texture and color. It penetrates all the way into the skin’s collagen layer of your skin whereby it heats and stimulates the skin gently. This medic-spa procedure results in the growth of the collagen component of your skin which consequently results in tightening the skin for a better look.

clip_image001 There is a big concern on the safety of using this device. Here is the answer that you have always sought for-it is safe and non-invasive. This procedure is also commonly known as the “lunch time face lift”

This collagen substance is basically the “axis” or structure for our skin and can be likened to a house’s framework. As our age keeps advancing, the collagen bands in our bodies tend to relax. This is what results in the “sagging” of the skin as well as development of age-old lines. Just like visiting a gym and lifting heavy weight stresses the body muscles causing toning and growth of new muscles, the deep

What will my skin look like after treatment?

A Yag laser from our medical spa is very safe and will perfectly work on almost all skin types. For majority of people who undergo this procedure, there is no instance of peeling or skin redness after it is complete. There is a device that is known as a computerized scanner. This one works safely and evenly in a bid to provide pulse patterns over your entire face. Also, your neck can be scanned at this point. The procedure usually takes an average time period of as little as 45 minutes.

Will I need a number of treatments before the procedure can be completed?

Clearly, you will not lift weights overnight and achieve skin toning the same night. It is impossible, right? This is the same case with this procedure-you have to start with a series of treatments. Three treatments are a minimum number with a maximum of 4-6 weeks of treatment. Adhere to these treatments so that you can maintain progressive collagen growth.

We value our customers hence the need to offer med-spa skin services on a continued basis. Feel free to call us today or schedule an appointment with NY’s top skin care company.

Best Laser for Spider Veins NYC

Laser for spider veins

Spider veins do not just sound ominous but also look very scary. Just like spider veins are almost similar to varicose veins since both of them are slightly raised. Both of these vein conditions are slightly twisted and are all visible on the skin surface. However, spider’s veins are a little bit smaller than their counterparts-varicose veins. Also, both of these are purple, blue or red in color. They seem as though they are little spider webs or small tree branches. These can either be found in large or small areas of your skin. Both of these usually appear on faces or legs and feet. The good news is that you can deal Spider Veinswith this by seeking medical spa services.

How to treat spider veins using the laser technique.

Spider veins will not at any point result in pain. Despite this, they may cause a bad cosmetic problem. Luckily, there are several treatments for these. It is essential to get a bigger picture of what really causes these spider veins. These can develop as a result of problems with your vein circulatory system especially for the legs which results in much pressure and weakened legs due to pregnancy, weight, injury, age or long standing periods. Consequently, the blood flow is disturbed and therefore remains trapped thereby enlarging the veins.

These spider veins are not as bad as the varicose veins in terms of the damage they can have on the overlap wellbeing of any individual and an easily be controlled by visiting a medic spa and getting help.

Changes in lifestyles can be very essential is doing away with these vein conditions and also prevent more from emerging. You may begin elevating your legs, wearing sunscreen, exercising, reducing your overall body weight as well as wearing compression or support stockings. In the event that these remedies fail to offer you a solution, then consider having a laser treatment done for the specific regions of your body that are experiencing the issues.

The simple laser treatments include applying laser heat onto the region that is affected — this ends up damaging the vein causing it to ultimately die and then disappear. This is a non-invasive procedure and can be carried out on an outpatient basis. You may experience a sensation that is as a result of the laser light that hits the skin. For some people, it can be painful, but still this procedure ideally isn’t at all too uncomfortable. Your doctor will help you make decision regarding this procedure and your skin.

Worried about your skin? Retain your original skin texture, color and look by taking a step today. We offer the best med-spa services in NY and its surrounding.