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Laser for Age Spots and Laser for Dark Spots of the Skin

Freckles are always cute on a little kid, but when you are a forty-five year old who suddenly notices a lot of brown spots sprinkled across your cheeks or face…well, it is not so cute at all. This is because we know that these are not classic freckles but are instead the age spots or dark spots that are sign of aging skin and too much sun exposure.

Actually, we call them sunspots and age spots, but some people get them due to simple genetics. For instance, a young woman who had no freckles in childhood began developing brown spots all over her face at the age of 30. She visited her physician and discovered that she had a genetic predisposition for this condition.

“So,” she sighed, “I am stuck with them?”

Gladly, she was working with a skin doctor who was well aware of the many ways that the removal of age spots is now possible. She was glad to hear of the different options for alleviating a condition that made her hesitate to look in the mirror.

This means that if you are getting spots from sun exposure, aging, genetics, or a health condition, you have plenty of treatment options. In fact, the removal of brown spots is one of the most common reasons that people initially visit a skin doctor.

What Causes This Issue?

It is helpful to understand that, regardless of the essential cause, the appearance of any brown spot happens for the same reason – melanin. The skin gets its color from the amount of melanin that is produced within its layers. If you have an olive complexion, your skin produces a lot of melanin, but if you are very pale and fair, you may not be programmed to make much of this compound at all.

There are times when the melanin is produced in a clump or cluster and rises to the surface of the skin in a sort of “blotchy” manner. This is known as a lentigo and is the official name for spots of all kinds (as long as they are flat and not showing any signs of precancerous cells as these are often confused for lentigo).

Unfortunately, lentigines show up in some of the most obvious places, and this is most often due to the fact that these are parts of the body most exposed to the sun. The face, the backs of the hands, and the arms are very common areas for them. So, how can you manage the removal of dark spots in so many places?

Rarely, you can accomplish the removal of sun spots with simple creams over time, but you can have immediate and enduring results when you use laser for age spots.

How Laser for Brown Spots Works

Your skin has several layers. The melanin is produced in one of the lower layers and forms a protective barrier against the sun – hence the “sun tan”. The problem is that production can go awry and lead to spotting. The laser for dark spots works by restoring cellular activity to a more normalized pattern. Laser for sun spots requires the physician to shine the light on the region and allow the cells to heal the skin.

You will want to work only with a trained laser facility, using top of the line lasers for these procedures. You Rejuvenated Medical Spa is a leading provider of many skin treatments. Our offices are known for having the best price for laser for age spots and dark spots available. See below for the pricing:

Single Treatment

(4) Treatments

Full Face: $325.00 Full Face: $1,100.00
Spot: $150.00 Spot: N/A
20% deduction on customized 3-D Skin Rejuvenation Packages.
If you want to undo the sun damage, signs of aging, and unsightly issue of spots, contact You Rejuvenated Medial Spa today.

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