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Collagen induction by medical micro-needling-Is it any better than O.TC ?

Collagen Induction

Collagen Induction or micro-needling is a procedure by medic-spa experts that involves a natural response of the body to healing. It is used to help increase the levels of extracellular matrix like elastin and collagen found in the skin. These micro-channels allow for blood leakage, lymph and serum in a temporary and controlled and temporary way. The “micro-injuries” help initiate and improve the process of wound healing cascade that ideally comprises of three fundamental phases.

Collagen induction1. Controlled Micro-Injuries

2. Proliferation: This can be likened to the Repair Mode which is an inflow of extracellular matrix and growth factors like collagen and elastin. After needling, these two work to seal the region and areas filled.

3. Remodeling: At this point, there has been replacement of the wound with a new and fresh dermal tissue and also the already created vasculature is already matured. The collagen found in the already formed and mature tissue is afterwards replaced with stronger tissue contracts and collagen in order to cause a tightening and repaired effect to the skin.

There are way several O.T.C products and items that are nowadays sold in pharmacies and in the markets. Their success rate is way low when compared to collagen. Most people, even doctors, are very skeptical about the O.T.C. products like creams that claim to work on wrinkles. Ideally, when anything works a true biological activity, it is usually regulated as medicine. Most med-spa companies prefer collages to O.T.C products. These often try to focus on the line between the side effects and impacts. However most of these O.T.C products allow the concentration to go low hence no real benefit. Creams bought over-the-counter are certainly not going to what collagen injection is bound to do. It IS however recommended that you find your doctor before you begin using these so that he/she can help suggest what will work in your particular case.

Nowadays, there exist varieties of collagen fillers out there that help deal with scars, add volume to improve facial looks and deal with aging signs. It is needless to say that we all wish to have and maintain our young and glowing looks just like youths. The trick is this-Collagen injections are going to work out this one for you. It is the best way to help rejuvenate your aging or sun-damaged skin.

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