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Cosmetic PRP Injection, Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic PRP injection is a facial rejuvenation procedure. It involves taking platelet rich plasma and injecting it into the skin with a hypodermic needle. The result is a better appearance and this procedure is used to help those who have problems with atrophy of the muscles of the face, resulting in wrinkles and other symptoms of aging.

The Process Cosmetic PRP Injection

If you go in for cosmetic PRP facial treatments, you’ll first have some blood drawn from the vein in your arm. After this is done, the doctor will put the blood through a process that produces the platelet rich plasma. This plasma is what will be injected into your face. The process of generating it takes about 30 minutes in total.

The next part of the process is designed to increase patient comfort. The doctor will apply a topical analgesic that will lessen the pain of the injections. This is usually done with a cream, though some doctors may use other processes. The analgesic, of course, will be applied to whatever parts of the body you’re having treated with the platelet rich plasma.

After the doctor has you prepared, the actual process of facial rejuvenation with platelet rich plasma will begin. This involves injecting the plasma under the skin; the process will take longer or shorter depending upon how many parts of the body you are having treated. In some cases, the doctor will be able to do your hands and your face in one sitting and in other cases they may want you to take a break between treatments.

The PRP facial usually takes about 1 1/2 hours in total. The process sometimes is made more effective with the addition of LED treatments and there will be some aftercare that you’ll have to attend to involving creams and other methods.

Recovery Cosmetic PRP Injection

The facial rejuvenation with platelet rich plasma procedure usually takes anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to show results. The recovery will involve a bit of swelling in the area where the treatment was given. Some patients will have more severe swelling than others but the recovery is generally very rapid and does not involve a long convalescence. The swelling will go away altogether after the recovery time.

The results of a PRP facial can be dramatic. The improvement in appearance is sometimes far beyond what patients expect to get and, combined with the fast recovery time, this makes this procedure quite a bit more convenient than a lot of other alternatives such as surgery. The process is completely approved and, provided your doctor believes it is right for you, may give you exactly the results you want. It is particularly good for removing wrinkles in certain areas of the face and for improving the appearance of the hands.

Because of the anesthesia, the procedure is not terribly uncomfortable. After the swelling goes down, the improvements in your appearance will begin to be a parent and the technology available to doctors makes this a very reliable and safe procedure.

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