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Cutera Lime Light Laser for Skin Lesions NYC

Lime Light Laser for telangiectasia and pigmented lesions

How they work

This is a non-evasive and new approach that helps treat pigmented lesions and telangiectasia. This device makes use of the Cutera Limelight and is used by majority of medic-spa service providers. The procedure provides the benefits of improving your skin tone as well as surface imperfections that result due to photodamage and the aging process.This Limelight Facial is great for any region of your face.It just works perfectly at any particular spot on your facial skin. It also works best on décolleté with red skin as well as the neck. This device treats brown spots occurring on your skin and also deals with tiny veins better known as telangiectasia. Low contrast or light brown spots, which previously were proved to be hard to resolve, have a very quick response time to treatment. Cutera Lime Light Laser

By choosing between programs A, B or C, you can easily customize the LimeLight Facial according to your specific type of skin and selectively heal the red and/or brown pigmented regions of your skin. The heating impact caused by the pigmented red or brown cells result in a therapeutic effect. Get yourself this service from professional medical spa skin care service providers.

Once the pulses of light are delivered, the patients will then experience stinging sensations and mild pinching during this procedure.You may want to use a gel to help cool the skin prior to vascular treatment. This is recommended so you do not have to worry as to whther or not what you are doing is right. Pain medicine or anesthesia is normally not a requirement here because the pain is actually not even felt to cause worry.

The time taken for this procedure will ultimately depend on the nature of body that is being treated. In spite of this, virtually all the treatments will ideally take an average of less than an hour.1-3 treatments are ideally enough to get you the results. However, your particular skin type may require an additional treatment in cases when your skin is sun-damaged excessively.

As soon as this procedure has been undertaken, you will note some brown spots that begin blackening making your skin to look slightly red. Also, the treated region may look somewhat look swollen. Ideally, this will last for a couple of few hours and in extreme cases, it may last for just a day or longer. For the mean time, you can apply makeup so that the redness is masked.

Our staff will help evaluate your skin condition and therefore recommend the nest mediation for your case. So, feel free to give us a call today for professional med-spa services.

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