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Cutera Titan Procedure. Laser skin tightening NYC

Laser skin tightening Cutera Titan Laser

Why it is the best for your skin care

Cutera Titan ProcedureThis new Cutera® Titan™ offers you with an all-natural alternative for actively turning back the hands of old age that comes with sagging skin. The use of light energy helps in the stimulation of fresh collages development underneath the surface of your skin. This tool helps in tightening the skin on your arms, abdomen, face as well as legs. In fact, it is an ideal way of enhancing your young looks as well as a healthy look and appearance without the necessity to go for surgery in a bid to do away with the flabby skin. Also, with this tool, the recovery period is drastically shortened and there are no injections at all. Get yourself this service from professional medical spa skin care service providers.

How does this Cutera Titan Laser work?

Titan Cutera helps utilize a safe infrared type of light that helps heat dermis region of your skin right below the skin surface. This device causes a heating that can result in immediate contraction of collagen that ultimately results in tightened skin. During this procedure, the epidermis/ skin’s surface becomes protected through a series of cooling. The device that performs this bit is called the Titan handpiece. Once medic-spa experts have completed the procedure, the fresh collagen growth helps the skin to tighten further in light of the improvement of lines, lax skin and folds.

The Titan Difference

This Titan device brings to use light energy since it offers a more uniform energy distribution for the purpose of heating your deep dermis as compared to other energy sources like the RF (radiofrequency).

What areas of the body best respond to this Titan procedure?

It is now evident that most patients have successfully been treated on several areas and parts of the body that has a lax skin. For instance, loose skin found along the jaw line, the abdomen, under the chin, as well as the upper arm. These are known to respond very well particularly well during the procedure.

Who can use the Titan for treatment?

This treatment does not at all have age limits for people who can use it. The fact is that this Titan procedure is all about heating tissue found under the skin surface. Therefore, all patients with varying skin types can easily use it. Women and men of all ages can use the Titan tool. Also, you may want to ask your physician to offer you some information on the use of Titan for your particular case.

We value our customers hence the need to offer med-spa skin services on a continued basis. Feel free to call us today or schedule an appointment with NY’s top skin care company.

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