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Laser Collagen Remodeling NYC

Yag Laser Collagen Remodeling- The fundamentals of this skin care procedure

The Yag Laser remodeling-What is it?

This device is a remodeling laser that easily and quickly penetrates into any type of skin texture and color. It penetrates all the way into the skin’s collagen layer of your skin whereby it heats and stimulates the skin gently. This medic-spa procedure results in the growth of the collagen component of your skin which consequently results in tightening the skin for a better look.

clip_image001 There is a big concern on the safety of using this device. Here is the answer that you have always sought for-it is safe and non-invasive. This procedure is also commonly known as the “lunch time face lift”

This collagen substance is basically the “axis” or structure for our skin and can be likened to a house’s framework. As our age keeps advancing, the collagen bands in our bodies tend to relax. This is what results in the “sagging” of the skin as well as development of age-old lines. Just like visiting a gym and lifting heavy weight stresses the body muscles causing toning and growth of new muscles, the deep

What will my skin look like after treatment?

A Yag laser from our medical spa is very safe and will perfectly work on almost all skin types. For majority of people who undergo this procedure, there is no instance of peeling or skin redness after it is complete. There is a device that is known as a computerized scanner. This one works safely and evenly in a bid to provide pulse patterns over your entire face. Also, your neck can be scanned at this point. The procedure usually takes an average time period of as little as 45 minutes.

Will I need a number of treatments before the procedure can be completed?

Clearly, you will not lift weights overnight and achieve skin toning the same night. It is impossible, right? This is the same case with this procedure-you have to start with a series of treatments. Three treatments are a minimum number with a maximum of 4-6 weeks of treatment. Adhere to these treatments so that you can maintain progressive collagen growth.

We value our customers hence the need to offer med-spa skin services on a continued basis. Feel free to call us today or schedule an appointment with NY’s top skin care company.

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